Get Rid of That Bug in Your Website Once And For All

While you like taking care of your own website, there are some things you’d rather have someone else do. That’s what we’re here for! To help you when you get stuck or just don’t have time.

Reducing your risk.

One of the biggest problems with hiring a normal tech is that you have no idea how long it will take or if you'll actually get what you want. When you're paying by the hour this can be risky. In seeking to avoid this uncertainty we've developed the 1 and 2 credit task system which results in a known cost with a known end result. By having one of our experienced techs standardize how long it should take to complete a given task (1 credit, 2 credit...) we're taking much of the unknown out of the equation.

The following examples are to help you grasp the scope of these 1 and 2 credit tasks. You and I both know that no two projects are identical. So tell us about yours and we'll let you know how many credits it will cost.

The 1 Credit Task --- $26

These are basic updates that cause you a big headache but that our techs can accomplish in a short amount of time. Once we have all the necessary information from you we do our best to complete 1 credit projects within one business day.

Examples of 1 credit tasks include:

This 1 credit list could go on and on. So tell us about your project and a tech will start work right away.

The 2 Credit Task --- $52

These are harder projects that have you under a dark cloud. They take longer to accomplish and often require a more skilled tech. 2 Credit projects are usually completed within 2 business days.

Examples of 2 credit tasks include:

This 2 credit list could go on forever. Send us a description of your project and we'll let you know how many credits it will cost.

Your break that needs fixing or plugin that needs installing may prove to be more complicated than the above examples. We promise to put in our best effort to get your project done for a similar number of credits. If it's going to take longer than expected we'll let you know before proceeding.