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At the start of each month your payment converts to Credits. You then exchange Credits for updates to your site.

Sample     1 Credit
Sample Credit

For only $26 you can get started with a 1 credit task and see how you like our system. Work with our team and get something useful done on your website.

This is perfect for small websites that need infrequent updates. Simply buy the credit when you need it. Never worry about expiring credits - pay as you go!

This is a one time purchase of one credit. Buy another one when you're ready.

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Save 23% when you purchase one of our packages!

S.O.S. Package     4 Credits

This 4 credit package is the beginning website owner’s all-time favorite. The handy size means you have one credit to use per week so you'll never get overwhelmed or end the month with unused credits. Each month your payment is converted into 4 credits which can be redeemed for any combination of our services. With this amazing structure you can customize your package each month and get your most pressing tasks done!

You also gain access to our Easy Work Ticket Platform which is designed to make your life simpler.

The S.O.S. Package allows you to:

  • Work on up to 6 tickets all at the same time
  • Edit those tickets and add information whenever you want
  • Submit tickets to us (when ready) so we can implement them on your site
  • Reply to those open tickets, ask questions, & upload additional information
  • Roll one unused credit forward to next month

$80 Per Month      You save 23%

Rainy Season Package    12 Credits
Rainy Season Package

This 12 credit package is designed for those who are ready to push their business forward. With an average of three credits per week you can make necessary changes whenever you need.

At the end of each month two unused credits can be rolled forward for use next month. Any remaining unused credits are applied to a predetermined larger project of your choosing. (One of our techs will help you decide on and define your 'large' project.) Your payments toward this large project will accrue month to month until full payment has been made. Never again worry that your credits will go to waste - every last one is put to good use improving your website!

The Rainy Season Package allows you to:

  • Work on up to 16 tickets all at the same time
  • Roll two unused credits forward to next month
  • Applying unused credits towards a 'large' project that will benefit your site
  • Add a second website to your account, submit tickets to us for both sites

$240 Per Month     You save 23%

Best Value!

New Growth Package     18 Credits
New Growth Package

This 18 Credit Package is the smart business owner’s upgrade for when you’re ready to manage your time more efficiently and delegate responsibility. Just like with our previous package your credits are exchangeable for any combination of our services and excess credits will be applied toward your 'large' project.

Access to our Easy Work Ticket Platform expands to include a ground-breaking ticket management system. *For the first time you can give three individuals (like your designer and copywriter) limited access to your ticketing system. Assign out the steps involved in each ticket and get notified each time a step is completed. Once your office has finished compiling the data all you have to do is 'submit' the ticket and we'll get it working on your website.

The New Growth Package allows you to:

  • Work on up to 24 tickets at the same time
  • Allow three new office members to access your account and input data*
  • Roll three unused credits forward to next month

$360 Per Month     You save 23%

*Under development. If you're interested let us know & we can get it working sooner.

Don't see the perfect package? Let us know and we'll tailor fit one just for you.

Look here for a partial list of task descriptions that will help you estimate your project's size.

100% Credit Back Guarantee

Enjoy the security of our 100% Credit Back Guarantee. In the rare case we can't fix it, it won't cost you a cent! We’ll return your credit to your account and you can spend it on something else. So there’s absolutely no risk to you…ever.

BONUS FEATURE   ---    $15.00 per month value!

Get Your Own Web Advisor

Each month our team sends you ideas of things you can do to improve your website. They’ll touch on all aspects of your website including visual content, customer usability, security, backups, page load times, technical features, and more.

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