Questions & Answers

Q: What is a ticket?

A: A ticket is a task description that you submit to us through our online tracking system. Submitting projects to us through this tracking system reduces the risk that your request will get lost. It also groups each ticket's data into an easily accessible group which cuts down the amount of time it takes us to do each task. These time-saving aspects enable us to provide 1 credit tasks at such reasonable prices.

Q: What is a credit?

A: A credit is a unit of measure, it costs $26 and takes us one unit of time to complete [~30 min for an entry level tech]. We've developed the 1 and 2 credit task system to provide you with a known cost linked to a known end result. We feel it is important for small businesses to reduce their risk by being informed ahead of time about how they're spending money. By breaking our work time up into '1 credit units' you can easily budget a set amount of improvements for your website each month and never again running up huge tech bill unintentionally. Think of it like hiring an attorney for 10 minutes. You don't need him for an hour, you just have one little question and so he allows you to hire him for one question's worth of time. We're doing the same thing by allowing you to hire us for 1 credits worth of task. You're website needs are small; we've developed the credit system to fit those needs. We desire to provide you the best value possible inside your budget.

Q: What if you can't do the task I need done?

A: We offer a 100% Credit Back Guarantee. In the rare case where we have started a 1 or 2 credit task for you and are unable to complete it we will refund you your credit(s) which you can then apply to a new project. If you simply need more complicated work done then we will refer you to our more experienced techs who do custom work for slightly large companies.

Q: Do you take everyone who asks to become a client?

A: No, we are a small shop with limited staff. This means we take on new clients as we are able and with whom we enjoy working. If a client treats my staff poorly or if a specific website is particularly odious and takes us half again or twice as long to get normal tasks done then the owner will need to be prepared to pay more. If we are having difficulty with a website or a particular client I will let the individual know so that they have opportunity to remedy the difficulty. Please be aware that as more compatible clients come our way we will release difficult clients to find a new tech (I will give them warning before doing so). To learn more about how we operate our business please take a look at our About Us page.

Q: Why does a single credit cost more?

A: the first time we do a task on your website we have to gather sensitive information like login details and secure passwords, we have to brows around your site to figure out where things are and how your previous developer did things, and we have to help you get us the correct information so we can do the work. No matter how we cut it that first time takes longer and cost us more. In order to pay our bills we have to charge you a little bit extra. If you only purchase a credit from us infrequently we have to repeat that first time process every time. Once you've grown enough to need even our smallest package we're on your website regularly enough that we can spread that initial extra cost out over several credits of work. The package discount stays the same regardless of the package size because we offer hands on service. This means a 1 credit task takes us one unit of time. We do just as good a job on your 18th credit as we do on your 1st credit.