A Tech Firm That's Safe to Use Around Your Website!

We're a U.S. based web development shop that offers affordable fixes to website problems. Why struggle for hours trying to do it all yourself when you can get a simple fix for only $26. Enjoy the peace of mind of working with a skilled team of website techs who are professional, friendly, and fast. Once you get us all the details most of your simple tasks will be done within one business day!

We offer everything from basic website support and small to mid-size updates to emergency fixes and top-tier software development. As your website grows we're here to make your life easier by helping you keep it working smoothly!


Enjoy the security of our 100% Credit Back Guarantee. In the rare case we can't fix it, it won't cost you a cent! We'll return your credit to your account and you can spend it on something else. So there's absolutely no risk to you ... ever.

The Team

We started Thunderstorm.Solutions to help entrepreneurs get out from under the dark cloud of "owning a website".


Founder Jeremiah Stover, of Dauntless.Solutions is the visionary behind the full-life-cycle model of web support that has grown to encompass Thunderstorm.Solutions. As the brains and program architect behind this project he is pleased to bring his entire team's expertise to bear on this latest endeavor. In his spare time he enjoys researching ground-breaking technology and current industry trends so that he can keep his consulting practice bleeding edge.


Co-founder Hannah Stover, also of Dauntless.Solutions, is the chief organizer and implementer at Thunderstorm.Solutions where she enjoys making everything run smoothly, polishes the customer experience, and overseas the team of technicians who work on your websites. In her spare time she enjoys gardening in her New England backyard and learning how to make websites more user friendly.

How We Do Business

Thunderstorm.Solutions is a complimentary service brought to you by our core business, Dauntless.Solutions. For years now our team has been developing an extensive system of full-life-cycle website support.

Basically, when you’re just getting started you get a simple support service at a small price. As your business grows you can transition to more skilled support staff who will provide you intermediate and then complex services.

Like most businesses we have a hard time finding competent people to work with us. As a result we handpick individuals based on work ethic and character - no technology skill needed. We then provide them with training and certify them for specific levels of tasks.

Once a new member is competent at a foundational level we allow them to start making a difference for small businesses like yours. They start out by adding content to web pages, inserting banners, and adding graphics. As their skill progresses they move on to install plugins, and do harder break fixes and patches. If they apply themselves their skill will eventually bump them out of Thunderstorm.Solutions and into our mid-tier of service at Drawbridge.Solutions (coming soon). If they continue learning they may eventually join our craftsman level team at Dauntless.Solutions.

What this means for you

It’s really quite simple. When you‘re working with one of our budding technicians and they get stuck they simply pass your project up the chain of command to someone more skilled. Because Thunderstorm is the floor of our skill level there is always someone more experienced making sure things get done correctly. At the same time the bulk of your work is done by folks whose market rate is affordable by everyone!

When your business outgrows Thunderstorm, plan on transitioning to our mid-tier service. No hassle, no new system to learn, no months of trying to find a good tech at the next level, no worry, no headache.

We keep it SIMPLE. That’s how tech should be.

Our Priority

As you browse our site, please remember we are a small company with limited staff. Our priority is to serve our existing clients. Because of this we're not always able to take on new clients.

This is chiefly because:

  • We are dedicated to integrity, honesty, and doing a good job
  • We are Christians who love God and are accountable to Him to do good work
  • We want to help you succeed (even if this means recommending you hire a competitor)
  • We take education very seriously and want to keep learning even if that means taking on fewer clients

Ultimately, if we feel we won't be able to perform your work at the highest level we'll recommend you hire a different company.

We would rather do an amazing job for a few clients than a mediocre job for a lot of clients.

If our philosophy of business sounds like a good fit for you then:

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